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Writing essays is difficult, and most term papers are simply busy-work that is designed to keep you busy and make your professor appear like he or she is actually earning his or her massive wage. All of this begs the question: “Why should I have an established writing company such as Essayfan do my work when I can hire a student, a freelancer, or a cheap writing mill?”

EssayFan Is A Strong And Established Company

Consider the risks and rewards for hiring an established company. You are probably going to pay more than you pay a student, a freelancer, or a writing mill, but you are also going to get custom and original content with You are not going to receive plagiarized or rewritten content. You are not going to receive a second-hand or already-sold essay, and your term paper will not be resold after you have accepted it.

Furthermore, an established company cares about its online reputation. Writing mills, other students, and freelancers do not care about their online reputation because it can be buried with a simple domain name change or social media profile change. Established companies care about their online reputation, and they are less likely to put it at risk for a quick buck.

Our Term Paper Writing Service Has a Large Staff Compliment

Other term paper writing companies and freelancers have to turn students down, especially during peak seasons, because they do not have the staff required to handle the projects that students send them. Our writing service has writers from different educational backgrounds. We have writers with a broad qualification profile, which means it doesn’t matter which subject you are taking--we have somebody on hand to complete your essay.

Custom Written Content That Is 100% Original

Our paper writing service doesn’t sell pre-written essays, nor do we plagiarize or copy in any way. Our writers sit at a computer, open up a word processor document and write your essay from scratch. They write it the same way you do, except that they are able to apply their qualifications, experience and expertise to create a top-quality essay. They pour their knowledge into the term paper to score higher and give you an edge over the other students. That is what we mean by custom-written content.

The papers that our term paper service produces are 100% original, which means you may hand them in as your own. You do not have to worry about being caught because there is no way your professor can tell that you “didn’t” write the term paper, unless you are silly enough to tell your professor. Our service is also private and confidential, which means your transaction will not be disclosed to any third parties or posted online.

How Much Will It All Cost Me?

Our record-breaking term paper services are known around the world for high scores and for hitting deadlines, so our prices are high…right?

Wrong! We decided long ago that we were going to provide a service that any student can use, not just the super-rich. We are the best term paper writing service in the business because we hit deadlines, because we produce original content, and because we charge the fairest prices.

In terms of value for money, you are receiving 17x more than what you would normally pay for. After all, you are utilizing the expertise of a trained, experienced, qualified and professional writer. Such a service would cost you 17x more if you were to use a consultancy service with the same level of staff. There are many students that buy from our service, rewrite our term papers, and then sell our version on to their friends for a massive profit. They even maximize their profits by using our bulk-buy discounts and customer-loyalty discounts.

Our Beat Is One That We Can All Groove To

are a record-breaking term paper writing service, but we do not charge lower prices because we are saints. It is mutually beneficial to charge reasonable prices as opposed to elitist prices. We gain more customers, which means we add to our online reputation. As a side effect, we no longer have to advertise our services. We save a massive amount of money through “Not” having to advertise because students tell their friends about our service. The money we save is legendary, and we are able to pass those savings down to our student customers. It is a positive and symbiotic cycle that benefits us and our student customers.

How Is Your Security And Privacy Guarded?

purge all essays from our servers 30 days after they are accepted by our student customers. This means we have your essay if you require amendments, and we protect the integrity of your essay by deleting it after 30 days so that only you own a copy. It also ensures that your essay is not accidentally re-sold to another person.

We use a secure network and encrypted servers. This means that hackers and third parties are unable to gain access to your essay or your information. Outsiders will never know you used our service. In addition, if you are still worried, you can have your brothers, sisters or family members place your order so your name is nowhere near it.

Our dependable writing service also censors your information in our records, and we do it legally. This means that even if we are presented with a subpoena, there is no way a third party will be able to prove you used our essay writing services. Your term paper is safe in your hands, as is your privacy and security.

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop wasting your time with term paper busy-work, and have our writers create a unique and high quality paper on your behalf.